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April 10, 2012

1 Thing You Need to Know About Coaching

Business Coaching, Executive Coaching or Retirement Coaching…..

The role of the coach in Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, or Retirement Coaching is always the same.  It’s to help the person being coached see the options ahead of them and to make the best choice from among them.

Like a coach in any individual or team sport, the business coach, executive coach or retirement coach does not jump in and play the game – or jump in and do the work of the person being coached – or tell you exactly what to do.  Sometimes consultants are hired to do that, but not a coach.

Most of my sessions with clients contain an element of brainstorming.  If we are looking at options, we walk down the path of the options that look like the best alternatives.  We talk about the pros and cons of taking that path.  If we hit a roadblock, we back up and take a walk down another option’s path.

It’s all about bringing CLARITY as you look down the alternative paths that lie ahead.  With clarity the unknowns are reduced which in turn reduces the stress of making a decision.

As you look at your business today, what options do you see?  How will you determine which path to follow?  Post your thoughts below and we’ll do some brainstorming together!



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  2. This is good to do with friends as they work through issues as well. Good job, Holly!

    Comment by encorenow — May 5, 2012 @ 2:20 pm | Reply

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