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February 21, 2012

Who Will You Be By February 21st of Next Year?

You Get To Deicde!

I found an interesting exercise recently.  There were 2 steps, but as I share this with you I’ll add a third.

STEP 1:  Scan your cell phone Call Log to determine the 5 people that you talk to the most.  Are these people who help you grow?  Do they really listen to your ideas and help you in your decision making processing?

STEP 2:  Look at the books on your nightstand or in your briefcase – not the ones collecting dust, but the ones that you actually try to find time to read.  Are they books that will help you grow, or help you grow your buisness?  Do they stretch your mind and teach you new things?

The point of the exercise I originally read was that we will be the same person this time next year as we are today except for the people and the books that influence us.  Here’s where I add my own STEP 3.

STEP 3: Look at the choices you make on a daily basis.  Are there other choices that would help you move forward to being the person you would like to be by this time next year?

I’ve come to realize that the small choices I make help me to move forward to becoming who I want to be.  I can choose to be upset at the person who travels in the lane that is closed ahead until the very last moment, or I can smile and wave them in ahead of me.  I can be upset by the way the dishwasher was loaded or the way the laundry is folded, or just be happy that someone other than me did the loading and the folding!

Who do you want to be by February 21st next year?  Are the people you are spending the most time with helping you to get there?  Are the books you are reading taking you there?  What about the decisions you will be making for the next 365 days?  Stop and think about the choices you can make that help you move forward……sometimes it means taking a deep breath and looking hard for other options – but even that is good for you!

Try the 3 steps above and tell me what you find!  I look forward to hearing how you will be different by this time next year!         Holly


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