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November 8, 2011

Don’t Forget You’re Not Alone

 You can’t know it all!

Every once in a while I run across a business owner who feels badly about the things they don’t know.  But how would they know?  An attorney is taught about the law in law school.  Accountants are taught about the rules and regulations and GAAP in classes and studying for the CPA exam.  You are taught how to be a subject matter expert in your field.

One day you decide to start a business.  This is a whole new field of study.  You are still the subject matter expert in the business, but perhaps don’t know how to build or run a business.  How would you?  That’s a whole new field of study that you may not be an expert in!

You’re not alone.  Think of the people you do business with.  Your dentist, your doctor.  Do you want them to be experts in dentistry and medicine, or in running a business?  Where did they learn to run a business if they are out on their own?  Chances are they hired others along the way to help them in areas they were not experts.  Why should it be different for you?

You’re not alone.  A lot of business owners have questions along the way.  A strong business support team includes your attorney, your accountant, your business insurance agent, your business banker and a business coach.

Do you learn best in a group?  Consider joining a MasterMind or Boardroom group led by a business coach where business owners can ask their questions in a safe environment and share best practices with other business owners.

Do you work best one-on-one?  A business coach typically offers individual coaching also – one of the fastest ways to get direct answers to your questions.

Don’t forget you’re not alone.  There are other business owners out there with the same questions, facing the same issues that your face.  A business coach can help you find solutions.

You’re not alone.  What topics would you like feedback on?  Submit your comments and questions below.


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