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November 1, 2011

390 Years Later – Thanksgiving For Business

 Thanksgiving for Business

As a business coach I am often amazed by the great ideas people have for starting a business or developing new areas for their business.  There are typically no limitations other than our own resources of time and money.

One of my newer clients is an immigrant from a former communist country.  He spent a few minutes telling me what life was like as a business owner in his former country.  Not everyone could start a business.  It required asking permission.  It often depended on who you knew and how much you were willing to pay to move your paperwork up through the ‘system’.  And finding customers?  Staying in business?  All difficult and required pleasing all the right people all of the time.  Even conversations with neighbors could affect your business.

In contrast we may have to pay to register our business and jump through a few hoops to make certain we are doing things the right way as we go about conducting our business, but business life is good here.

As you plan for your Thanksgiving season, take a moment to give thanks to all the businesses involved in making your Thanksgiving everything you hope it will be.  Give thanks to those who gathered together for the first Thanksgiving dinner 390 years ago.  They risked everything to leave their homelands with the hope of more freedom.  Give thanks for those that have protected our right to do business as we know it for the past 390 years.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all –



  1. It is a blessing that our business climate is still free! I watched a segment on TV where an 14 year old boy and two friends had started a computer repair company. One of them was the marketing person and had gotten the head kid several appearances on TV including Fox News! We are still the land of opportunity!!!

    Comment by encorenow — November 1, 2011 @ 7:48 am | Reply

  2. This is a great post, Holly. Yes, thank you.

    I am leaving in a country where thinks are muche easier than it used to be in the East. But it is often difficult. Let’s not mention the paperwork and the complexity of what needs to be declared to various institutions, from IRS to social security…
    Another example is the huge quantity of norms and reglements which need to be known, understood and applied… Many people I know who are very low revenue people used to grow animals to sell them. They are unable to do so today because they do not have the size nor the knowledge required to understand and apply the european norms…

    Is this something you encounter also in the US ?

    Comment by Husser — November 1, 2011 @ 8:29 am | Reply

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