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August 30, 2011

#1 Measurement of Success for a Business Coach

It’s all about the client reaching success!

That’s what a business coach does – we measure our success by the ability to help our clients reach their goals.  I know that I’ve been successful when a client comes to me with an issue or concern and after we brainstorm strategies and solutions they are able to solve the problem and move forward.  It’s great when we meet again and I check in with them on the issue and they tell me that they have solved it and we move on to another topic.  Wahoo!

Sometimes the solution is to make a great connection for a client.  I’m making a connection today.  One of my clients is an expert in his field and has the dream of creating a board game to expand the range of people he can reach with his expertise.  I met with a gentlemen last week who develops strategy board games as a hobby!  What are the chances of that!  So today they meet.  The connections the board game developer has in his circle of board game friends is just the piece of the puzzle that my client needs.

I’m working with a very successful business owner to move from running the business like a solopreneur – being involved in all the decsion making – to running the business with budgets and expense categories so that he does not need to be involved in every decision, even when he’s on vacation!  His success will be measured by his ability to enjoy his time away without being interrupted to make decisions that others can make based on the budgets defined.

How do you measure success?  Can a business coach help you get there faster, with less stress?  Share your definition of success below.



  1. Yes, a business coach can add to your success. How often does a business coach meet?

    Comment by Chief — September 6, 2011 @ 6:53 am | Reply

    • Clients choose how often to meet with their business coach. Initially they may want to meet weekly or 3 times per month. I have found that my clients need that fourth week of the month to use the same time that we would have spent meeting to catch up on the homework I have given them. Often as we move through the coaching engagement we are able to space the coaching sessions out to twice a month. A coach’s goal should be to help the client grow to the point where only a tune-up is needed when an issue comes up. Buyer beware of coaches that want the client to sign a contract for a year. I have found that it serves my clients better to go with the natural flow of their needs and try to be as flexible as possible in meeting when they need to, not based on a specific calendar spot.

      Comment by bizcoachholly — September 6, 2011 @ 7:15 am | Reply

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