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August 16, 2011

The #1 Top Myth of Business Coaching

The #1 Top Myth of Business Coaching…It’s Expensive

Have you ever considered talking to a Business Coach but thought it was too expensive?   It’s the #1 Myth that I hope to dispel.

As a Business Coach I initially meet with potential new clients to determine what their needs are and if I am the right solution for them.  In the initial meeting we work together to clarify their issue and the steps needed to move forward.  Often they are able to clearly see what they need to do at this very first meeting!  They get a “test drive” to see how we might work together in a longer coaching relationship.

If we go forward with more coaching, the goal is to find money in their business through cost savings or generate more money by streamlining procedures or gaining more cash flow through more sales to more than cover the cost of the coaching.

Let’s look at just one example, your cost of marketing.  If you don’t market, you don’t get customers.  But what if the marketing you did was directly targeted to the audience you need to reach?  Those that become your customers.  The payback is much greater when you do the right marketing to the right people.  If a Business Coach helps you to get a better return on your marketing dollar, the cost of the coach is easily covered by the increased results of your focused marketing efforts.

That’s just in the marketing area.  Most Business Coaches work with you on many aspects of your business and help you prioritize where to spend your money most effectively and where to spend your time with the greatest return.  Not expensive, but easily justified by the results you’ll experience.

Possibly one of the best investments you’ll ever make!

Have you thought about working with a business coach?  What is holding you back?  Share your comments here.


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