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August 9, 2011

Delaying Your Launch for Perfection?

 I met with a business owner the other day who was holding back on really launching her business because she didn’t have everything quite perfect yet.  She didn’t have her elevator speech down pat and was having a hard time describing who her ideal client was and what the benefit of working with her was.

Can you relate?  Do you avoid situations where you may need to talk about your business or new product or service because you don’t feel like your message is perfect yet?  Are you delaying the launch until you reach perfection?

During our discussions she very clearly articulated her response to each of the things that were holding her back, but didn’t even know it.  It came out in conversation.  She stumbled when she was “working” at talking about her business, but in casual conversation she was very clear – she just needed a little help to put the words into the format of an elevator speech and a tagline that she was so worried about.  As she begins to work with more clients she may find that she develops a niche and that her clients provide her with the words that others like them need to hear about what it is she does for them.

Don’t get hung up on the “branding” of your business – just get started!  Brand for Today – not Forever.  Most business owners change their branding after the first 6-12 months, and again after 12-24 months.  It is almost impossible to pick a name, tagline, look and feel that will fit your business forever as your business responds to the market and your clients.

In developing something that may change as your business evolves, just make a decision and launch!  Go out and test your choice.  Talk to potential and current clients.  Talk to people in your networking groups.  See how people respond to what you say, but in particular notice how it feels as you say it.  Does it roll off your tongue, or do you stumble?  Test it, then change it if you need to.  Watch the furrow between the brows.  If you detect a softening, you are speaking to them.  If the furrow gets deeper, you haven’t quite hit the mark yet.  Make some changes and try again at the next networking opportunity.

The key is to get out there and try something!  Rehearsing your messages in your head is never going to give you the feedback that real people will.  Get out there and let your future clients help refine your message.  Don’t wait for perfection – brand for today, not forever.

Want to test your marketing messages?  Share them in the comments below and we will give you feedback!


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