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July 12, 2011

What Would You Do If You Could Retire?

What would you do if you could retire?

First I’m a Business Coach.  That means I help clients develop their business to meet their goals.  My clients have led me to become a Retirement Transition Coach.  Once we get their business up and running efficiently and they have the option to begin to think about retirement they need help in planning their retirement.

Some of my clients are looking to retire in their 50’s.  For men that means they could easily live 30 years in retirement.  For women the odds are they will live even longer.  This next phase of life is something you need to plan for.  Check out the Fortune magazine June 13th Special Investor’s Issue that includes an article by Paul Keegan, Do You Need A Retirement Coach?  My clients agree that they do!

So, let’s say that your business is going well.  You have worked with a great financial planner and you feel like you could start to think about retiring from a financial perspective.  What will you do?

Some of my clients can answer within a split second.  I’ll golf every day.  I will travel.  I’ll write that book.  I will garden.  Wow, great answers.  In most cases they are looking forward to spending more time doing something they enjoy but can’t find enough time to do now because of work.  Great place to start.

But back to business, what is it that motivates you in your business?  Is it decision making?  Is it developing creative solutions to complex problems?  Is it providing great work for great employees?  Is it serving customers?  Remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?  What is important for you to feel complete and validated while you are in business will still be a part of you in retirement.

I work with my clients to determine what their motivators are and find ways to stay motivated and fulfilled in their retirement years.

Do you know what makes you feel fulfilled?  Are you getting fulfilled in your current work?  What will it be in retirement that helps you to feel fulfilled?  Yes, golf and tennis, but what after that?

Share your ideas below.  You may just find a new golf partner in someone else’s response!


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