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May 10, 2011

Thinking of You – Stand Out While Networking



  I was thinking of you and wanted to share some ideas on how to stand out when networking…..

When we network there are a couple of common questions we hear – over and over again.  Often we reply with an answer that does nothing for our business, or to help us stand out from the crowd in the mind of the person asking.  My goal is to help you respond with a better answer.

Question #1 – What’s new?

How did you respond during your most recent networking event?  “Same old stuff?”  “Work, work, work?”  “Nothing really?”

From now on, don’t miss the opportunity to talk about your business.  Tell them about the great new client you have started working with (keep confidential if appropriate), how you solved a problem that made a huge difference to a client, the great feedback you got, the new product or service you are offering…..or the ideal client you are looking for.  See the difference your response can make?

Question #2 – So what do you do?

If your response is the executive summary of your business card, remember they can read your card once you give it to them.  My response would be something like “I help people grow their business, and enjoy it more“.  My hope is that response generates a follow-on question like “How do you do that?”  Now we’re in conversation about what it is I really do, provide benefits to my clients.  Isn’t that why you are at a business networking event, to talk about the benefits you provide your clients?

Your turn.  What’s newSo what do you do?  Share your responses in the comments below.   Happy Networking!

Holly Hanson       The Business Edge – Licensed Professional Business Coach – The Headlights and Guardrails for YOUR Business!


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  1. Great post. Too often we answer that we are “busy” and lose the oppotunity to promiote ourselves.

    Comment by Jeff Glass — May 10, 2011 @ 11:56 am | Reply

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