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May 3, 2011

The Perfect Day

What is a Perfect Day?

For many of my clients a perfect day is one where a new client or customer arrives, gets great service, and leaves as a raving fan – willing to tell others about their experience.  This holds true for my clients from ” A to Z”; Attorneys to Zebras (actually I don’t have any Zebra clients yet….but I do have a yoga instructor!).

When the new customer or clients arrives, I hope the business owner remembers to ask how they heard about the business.  It’s always a good idea to know what marketing efforts are paying off.  Return on Investment is what that is called.  Over time my clients begin to see a pattern of where their customer are coming from.  It could be that another customer referred them.  If that is a consistent thread, then a customer referral program is indeed in order.  Reward the customers who send you other customers!  They will keep referring you, and the business will grow!  It could be that a particular marketing effort is paying off.  It’s good to know which ones to keep investing in and which ones to discontinue.

Providing great service is a given.  At least that is what the business owner would always hope to do.  What if the business owner is not involved in the transaction?  Is everyone involved in the business on the same page?  Would every person working with your clients or customers strive to provide great service that leads to a raving fan?

Think about some of your recent encounters with employees and businesses other than your own.  Did all of them have the goal of providing great service and creating a raving fan out of you?  Some of my recent experiences have been less impressive than that.  Now think about your business.  What can you improve on to make today a Perfect Day?

Share your ideas below!  Make today a Perfect Day!


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